Posted by: Myself | May 12, 2011

Do they need it ?

Rahul Gandhi created a storm yet again by reaching out to ‘underpaid’ villagers and got arrested for their cause. The drama well orchestrated from the bike ride at 4 in the morning till ‘bailed’ from the jail after few hours of ‘remand’ was covered live by every damn channel in the country. I don’t want to go into merits and demerits of this act and neither want to put forward my views which can be justified either way. But one issue that slipped in this entire circus of votebank politics is the issue of land.

In Punjab and other states which have farmers as major chunk of population you could see farmers enjoying the showering of benefits like free power at the cost of taxpayer. I agree support to farmer is a must but at what cost ? Land has become a commodity in this country which beats any other trad-able commodity in this country.With the land pricing increasing like anything no one is interested in working in fields. All they do is hire some laborers and make them work. When its time to sell crops they will blackmail govt. to increase the minimum support price of produce.

Every year farmers are selling land to create new colonies which has become need of the hour given the population increase we are having in this country. So if government is paying up for the land because it produces food it makes perfect sense to have some sort of ownership for the state. Why can’t we divide land according to its usage rather than declaring every piece of land at same level. So in principle if I get assistance from govt. to grow food then I shouldn’t be getting full value for the sale of land as commercial/non-farm activity. There has to be payback mechanism for the state funding that anyone gets. Govt. gives me funds because I am creating resource for the country but when I am treating that as my personal gain then I should be made to pay that fund back !

Same rule could be applied to state funded education at every level whether its IITs or IIMs. If it is made necessary that those seeking state assistance has to pay back by working in for govt. at decent salaries I think we could easily weed out the corruption at that level where people falsify their incomes and claim huge sums in aid. But for that to happen there has to be a system to absorb such human resource for anything useful and am sure that is most difficult thing to happen in our country.

My idea might be primitive and sound more like a communist system wherein state owns the resources but I think this kind of system can work perfectly in the capitalistic society that we are building at such a great speed.



  1. All is well and good except that I think farmer is excused from his obligation as soon as he gives back the crop/grain he has produced in his fields. That’s the payback. Why does he need to payback again. On top of that considering that growing crops year after year only reduces the fertility of land(in economic sense ‘value of land’).

    Totally agree with IIT/IIM proposition.

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