Posted by: Myself | April 28, 2011

Quick Update

Well its been a long season without any post. Blogs have suffered a hit at least among the people i know thanks to increase activity in media like facebook which are perfect for sudden outburst of emotions !
But from now on i have decided to kick away this laziness seeped deep in me and update the blog more often 🙂 Any ideas pertaining to titles will be highly appreciated.
PS: 1st real post is on the way in a day or two 🙂



  1. Collate 5-6 of the facebook status messages and make a post!!

  2. blogs help you fight lethargy and once you evolve beyond that quality which forces you to be happy with short status updates, you write ….properly 😀

    well look at it this way …impulsive outbursts cannot be expressed (if you know how to express ur thoughts like an intellectual grown up) in a span of few words 🙂 so its just overcoming the coefficient of static friction (lethargy)

    ps : see! I am going blah blah for just saying *dude ! blog more often man* 😀

  3. I was looking for the ‘like’ button below the post and comments !!

  4. @sukesh .. its already there 🙂 chk out properly !

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