Posted by: Myself | May 21, 2010

For sake of austerity !

11 is the number of special advertisements in today’s TOI. All 11 were from different ministries but saying one and only thing. Everyone was shouting on top of voice to show how much theycare about Nehru Gandhi family and the dates important to them.

Today is the day Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated, wont say his martyrdom day as it was result of his policies not something he was doing for country. All ministers wanted to please all powerful Gandhi khandaan and made this day a gold mine for paperwallas.

This is the same govt which went all out for austerity drive. Though its another thing that for sake of austerity Sonia Gandhi travelled by economy class from Del to mum in sep 2009 and saved 10,000 bucks for her seat but no one counted how much money was spent to vacate the seats around her in ‘cattle class’ for her security.

I dont have any issue with austerity drives or people showering their love for Rajiv Gandhi, as to me both are political compulsions for them. Rajiv Gandhi was a visionary despite all of his shortcomings. He is one who took first step for new India and I have full respect for that person and he deserves all the adulation he is getting (though the reason is totally opposite for what it should be ! ). But how long will we be mute spectators of this brash wastage of public money ?



  1. This might be my favorite post on your blog till date, and you know why…;)
    We will be mute spectators of this wastage until Gandhi is associated with congress…

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