Posted by: Myself | March 15, 2009

dinga dinga dee ….

Israeli arms maker Rafael presented this video at Aero India Show in bangalore. This aimed to make policymaker believe that they should buy arms from them. Don’t know how much it helped the case but if this is the way these kind of products are sold no wonder half of them are procured without any use ! Afterall policymakers are humans too šŸ˜‰
Don’t worry about defence just enjoy the video ….



  1. This is a shame!!
    because not that they are trying to sell arms with Bollywood stereotypes.
    But because they think that Indians can be made fool with Bollywood stereotype.

    comon bloody!! you are trying to sell arms to Indian government not the indian janta!!!

  2. WTF

  3. @ sukki : Indian govt. n junta both r one and same … doestn make a diff
    @sultan: Yes thats wat came to me whn i saw it first time …. but this is marketing 2 new level so accept it šŸ™‚

  4. looks like a Hindi B-grad movie song …

    GOD are they serious …. !!

  5. wht bloody!!
    Indian janta and government is not same. Of course, government is representative. But Indian state is different from one common man or a set of men.
    tum foreign policy aur chai-patti ko compare kar rahe ho…

  6. @sukki : Actually i m much more optimistic than that. I believe in this country atleast arms are bought with as much seriousness as ‘chai patti’ requires !!

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