Posted by: Myself | March 14, 2009

Aarambh hai Prachand

Sorry for slightly misleading title. Its not about latest offering by Anurag Kashayap Gulaal. Instead i m talking about other beginning or should i say beginning that happened once again. It’s about third front(TF) formed by few regional parties.
The sole objective as stated by TF leaders is to keep cong. and BJP out of power as they are unable to do any good to nation. Though its total negative attitude to start with which is not showing any positive signs ahead for the country. The famed unity in diversity of this multicultural, mutilingual, vari-hued nation is showing its full colors now.

Going back into not so old history, Congress was fortunate to have Indira as the heiress for Gandhi dynasty. Though you may perceive her as in which ever way you find it convenient. But the truth is it’s due to Gandhi family there was political stability in this nation. Though it was misused at will but this provided the most essential stability to a young nation. Had Congress been weak like it is today in 60s n 70s and have to look at the support of other parties for every decision it would have left country nowhere. The time nation building process was going on requirement was to take some decision daringly and follow it and not wait for green/red signals from your partners in crime!

Look at pakistan. It didn’t have any leader immediately in ’48 after Jinnah was rested in peace and the country was left as an open venture of who so ever could control it. Lack of single power handle made it so difficult to control things that they took over a decade to draft constitution which was thrown in dustbin by every alternate govt. like a piece of trash. Army being the powerful and united entity seized this opportunity time and again and ruled at will for most part of its history so far. Even the only PMs pak produced like Bhutto and Sharif were constantly under this menace and never led country in peace.

Coming back to Indian scene as Indira Gandhi did a blunder in form of emergency the opportunity was seized by various hopefuls. I don’t want to comment if rule by them was gud or bad as compared to congress but they failed to give a single stable non congress govt. to this nation till date. Only exception being BJP led by Vajapayee who was able to finish its term rising on anti congg. sentiment and as an alternative. But quickly faded into oblivion in 2k4 and now trying again to gain power with help of ‘allies’ in each state.

Now look at the composition of Third Front from leaders like Devegowda who now fully knows how to throw out well established govt. at will to leaders like Mayawati who want elections at every 6 months because thats the only way for her to increase her vote count gradually and lead to PMship. How can parties like TDP and TRS can agree to each other on any issue when they are bitter foes since their inceptions. How can a conglomerate of all ‘PM ki gaddi’ ke aspirant can see one person ruling Delhi and other watching it from their state capitals ? The very foundation of this start is shaky and little hope to success. But only thing that worries me is if incase they succeed somehow then we will see every 5-7 state level leaders and opening a front of their own. No prize for guessing the kind of stability they will be able to provide !



  1. In case of left
    Aarambh hai Prachand – for power hungry politicians
    Aarambh hai Ant (end) – for India

    My preference of government is:
    this is because there is not alternative. I dont consider Left-coalition even as alternative. President/army rule is better than left. At least in that case India will become Pakistan, not another China.

  2. dood u dont consider them option but whn they hav seats alongwith allies like maya n jaya … they pose serious issue for nation !! Sounds scary but they seem to b in close race as of today

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