Posted by: Myself | March 13, 2009

Chai or Coffee ?

You just love chai(tea for some). All you need is a cup to lighten up your mood. Add some ginger or occasionally some cardamom and nothing in this world can beat it. All of a sudden you decide to move to a new place. Suddenly finding a decent cup of tea becomes a treasure hunt. There is no decent place to have tea nearby. So you decide to have coffee as a substitute. Suddenly you realize your coffee affection is replacing your love for tea. But there is small problem.

Sometimes you get salty coffee instead of one with sugar. It tastes awful but you don’t have much choice. You are never sure when you will get the salty one instead of sweet. With time you realize sophisticated coffee can never match a simple cup of tea. So you crib on till you don’t get tea.

Now apply same situation to someone who has to move to new city for any reason. Tea is your old city which was you home so far and you loved it like anything. Coffee is posh new working place of yours. Cities like blore n hyd. (I tend to think in terms of IT junta, non-IT ppl pardon me here !) Salt is occasional problems you face traffic, high cost, etc etc …. Sometimes you love it for sometime but soon due to saltness start hating it and again cribbing that this city is not so gud. Delhi is far better than blore. All of a sudden you paint it all black n white.

Everyday i come across this kind of discussion about cities in some form or the other. I myself have been staying out of home for close to 6 yrs now and cud never understand how can you love or hate a city ?
You enjoy a lovely meal with your frens you will love the same place which you were cursing last weekend sitting alone @ your rented palace. I believe no city can be gud or bad its all upto you to make it so.
It might not be a stirring one but thats my 2 cents on this city debate! What do you feel about this i love my city debate?



  1. ‘globalization’ ke zamaane mein yeh sab matter nahin karta!! chai/tea/coffee/green-tea sab chalta hai…
    waise I had have salty tea, never had hands on salty coffee. Wonder how will it taste!!

    2 cent mein aaj kal kuch nahin milta. Rs1(2 cents) mein cutting bhi naa mile tujhe bangalore mein.

  2. d00d peeo Doodh .. yeh hai wonderful

    pee sakte hoo roz glass full ..

    dood dood dood … dude peeo doodh !!

  3. @ sukki : I guess u shud see places where they have huge number of people with a healthy mix of localized and global ppl and each shouting his/her love for their city. Then you realize globalization can never win over human nature. The duel of chai or coffee continues.

    @anks: Nice choice dood 🙂 Keeps u healthy as well.

  4. nice one

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