Posted by: Myself | February 8, 2009

Dev D

Anurag Kashyap is a relatively unknown yet among respected directors in bollywood today. He has this ability to show something very hard to digest in a very hard way that it hits your softest part ! Black Friday is one of the most realistic movie that you can have for incident like ’92 mumbai blasts. Total no nonsense movie with minimal masala just enough to set the background right and sequencing the events in the way they happened.

Now he has picked up totally different story to be shown as movie. Devdas – The classic. Already been portrayed by likes of Sehgal, Dilip kumar n SRK. Adding Abhay Deol to such a list would be sheer atrocity. Coming to movie – If you can digest first 20 mins then probably u can survive. Otherwise i ll suggest invest your precious time in something else. This is not for you.

The way he has shown it in most contemporary and believable form is a welcome sign for indian cinema. Infact first half holds you so well that you expect something very innovative waiting you in 2nd half. But here comes the spoiler. If u choose to leave 2nd half i dont think you will miss anything because nothing happens at all for full hour till end.

It can be very aptly called a KLPD. After promising so much it loses all that was built in first half. I dont want to mention the details of the innovative parts because i feel that will kill the real fun of watching movie. But the way he has explored the sexuality of young minds today it was a perfect job. Some people find it too much to handle that time after time you are shown such rousing passion but i feel thats the way it happens .. so accept it 🙂

Very idea of showing such a well known bengali story in punjabi setting was a commendable job in itself. The effort i would rate equal to showing Othello as Omkara. The way he twisted very illusionary feeling of love to more real lust is a job which very few people can portray so well. But despite so much effort I think overall it was a very average to boring stuff in general. Could have been much better but will be forgotten very soon like his earlier misadventure No smoking.



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  2. OK … lets begin from the beginning …
    Its gonna be a long comment

    What …. tune theek se nahi dekhi kya movie …
    ya tu movie mein Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay ki devdas ki jhalak dekhna chahta tha ….

    I would say the movei rocked from First min to the last … v interesting gripping ..

    espically the sequence when he gets drunk to get away from everything … his emotions .. his life .. his misery … is just 2 awesome..

    man the picturization is …. SUPERB… i mean he just drinks and drinks and drinks …
    goes to real brothels … drugs … gets high… does not know whats happening .. how he is taken from 1 place 2 other … calls his fathers by first name(sattu) …

    and the “1 coke … vodka se saath ” is AWESOME

    yeah I know .. u dont drink …. thats why i din like it… helll yeah … then its ok .. you not liking it ..

  3. In addition to Paggi:
    1. yes you really need to watch it again. The full movie is brilliant.
    2. >>bengali story in punjabi setting
    wht the!!
    The analogies between Devdas and Dev D are nothing more than puns(intended puns). Of course, perceptions might be different. It was a punjabi story in punjabi setting with analogies of Devdas. Story makes direct analogy when Chanda keeps her name as ‘Chanda’ while she was watching Devdas. What could have been more explicit?

    Tene taan Anurag Kashyap te Emosnal Atyachaar kar ditta!!

  4. @sukki n paggi : Guys i knw how much one gets emotional to movies which sometimes touch your heart but still i saw it as a movie so wrote wat i felt !
    Well as i have mentioned found every frame of 1st part as brilliant to beyond brilliant no doubt abt it but to me it seemed he lost grip in 2nd half which i maintain even after watching it thrice 🙂

    esp. paggi if u see your own comment u ll see all u have mentioned happened in first half of the movie. which kind of supports my view 🙂

    story was known to everyone even then he created something totally unexpected which i luved to the core. I believe when you are working on known story either you stick to it completely and show in whichever way you want or do something totally unexpected. Adding stuff like hit n run etc was unnecessary to me … he cud hav realizations that he had in end in some dramatically exceptional way as well !
    Found it weak thr so can’t help it ….. but i m hoping gulal to turn out another masterpiece .. lets hope it is 🙂

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