Posted by: Myself | January 31, 2009

The Un-Cultured Debate

Recent pub attacks in Mangalore (or shud i say mangaluru) has started debates over pub culture in every possible way.
Coming to incident …. no doubt it was most shameful and cowardly thing to do. But apart from the act it has opened a can of worms which was very comfortably packed away for sometime.

These kind of attacks have been very much trademark of activists of organizations like shiv sena against valentines day for quite sometime. Infact if i remember correctly bajrang dal once took out rath yatra on valentines day asking the couples either to get married on the rath itself thr n thn or get tied as bro-sis. Quite innovative i must say … however stupid it may be !

Even a very casual look at such incidents point to something very common in all. Liberty to women has always been a problem to such ‘rakshaks’ of culture. Pubs n bars have been here for a long time but women drinking is problem to them.

Has anyone given a thought to women smoking beedi, hukkah and other intoxicant consumption in villages. Most of you must be aware of this fact already which is quite common in north indian villages in particular.(I m not aware of this habit in south)
No Ram or Shiv sainik will ever try to disrupt the peace and harmony there. If that is acceptable then whats the problem with pub ?
Everyone knows in so called high society parties women drinking is very common. No one has objection to that either. So isnt this whole agenda to show one as protector of society by targeting the softest target – middle class women.

Seems time and again political will prevails easily over the peace and harmony of country. Surprisingly more so we indians very easily buy these arguments too. Problem with our society is we want to be classified as developed nation walking on the western path yet trying to save our glorious culture even at the cost of personal liberty. We time and again forget that culture is nothing but the people themselves. So as and when people are exposed to changing environment every aspect related to them is bound to change. Any forced action will result if conflict and nothing else.

Be it indecent clothing, pub or mall culture, women working at odd hours in hospitality sector why are we always in protectionist mode to any such act. In name of protecting our culture we stoop to ever lower levels of cultural degradation. Beating people indiscriminately(esp if its women) is definitely more alarming sign than women drinking by any yardstick however flawed it maybe !
This debate can go endlessly but there has to be some hard actions from concerned parties before it gets even more ugly.


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