Posted by: Myself | May 27, 2008

It so happened …

27th May 2007 : Sitting all alone in hotel room fully drenched. Heart full of excitement – excited to enter a new phase in life. Mind totally occupied with imagination of how life ahead will be. Joy of being accepted as a part of a new set of people. Memories of places and people left behind adding somberness to mood.

Well this was the day after i arrived in bangalore and evening before i was to join my first job. So completed one year in my first job :). wow it feels good ! Though its not a kind of job which i would like to do all my life nor it is something that people should kill for. Still last one year means a lot to me. Coming to new city all alone has never been a very pleasing idea to me but some solace that soon will be joined by a whole gang of old friends was very comforting. But when i look back at the past one year i enjoyed a lot of it. Though there were times i felt like running away from this place, totally fed up ! But still its has been so far an amazing experience. The thrill of having my first salary in bank account was a feeling that probably i ll remember for a long time ! Initial period of finding a place to stay, setting up things with all weekends devoted buying something or else, getting up early every morning to reach office before traffic takes its toll of Hosur road , absorbing myself in office culture with so much detail attached to anything you do were some of things i never imagined i will have to do before coming here.

To be part of infy was never my aspiration in college time atleast ! The kind of work i am doing here was never my dream job but surprisingly i am enjoying it :). Yeah i was never aiming to be here but now i dont regret at all being here. Infact i feel this was one the best that i could have got at that time ! There are so many thots coming to me remembering past one year but seems putting them in words will be impossible for me. But still the endless parties (with iiit frens) we had here in past 1 yr. trips to places like Mysore or enless session of BC @ CCD in infy deserve a refernce 🙂 Also debacle at CAT deserves a place here:( Yes it feels so odd to hear all the time so are you appearing for CAT again or dropped the idea. Always unable to ans this query. Prolly this is called peer pressure to which ppl succumb to mostly and take up watever comes in there way 😐 Lets see how it goes with me as the season is approaching yet again.

Guess thats all from my side. Many people from batch completed/ will be completing one year in corporate life over next few days so will definitely look forward to hear from them 🙂


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