Posted by: Myself | April 26, 2008

For love of yourself

While returning back from home i have to spend sometime in Delhi to catch a flight and usually i have 5-6 hrs to be spent there. Usually get some or the other fren/cousin to company me there but this time had to kill some time there all alone. With two bags in hand the best place i could think of to spend time was some book store. Fortunately my fren dropped me @ Oxford in Statesmen Building. Couldnt ask for more. Found that place perfect for book lovers. Apart from a very decent collection of books organised very well. The place had lots of space where one could sit and read peacefully. On top of it it had a Cha Bar counter inside. Had a real nice tea after a long time !! Sorry to say but seemed to me its too hard to get a good cup tea in blore.

Well i started off with Advani’s autobiography there but found it too dull and full of ideas which i deny to agree to. So found another one. This was One minute for yourself by Spencer Johnson. Author of very well known book Who Moved my cheese. The book was shaped in the form of a supposedly happy with life uncle and his nephew. He talked at length about thinking about yourself just for a minute and do it several time a day.

Think wat u did or gonna do today to make yourself happy or a better person. Seems quite simple but spending one minute without thinking anything else but yourself seemed like an impossible task to me. Guess i lack a lot in concentrating !! Need to think abt that as well.

He showed some real useful things in a pretty simple manner in the book. Here is one that i remember. A person got admit in some uni in new york but was unable to decide whether to go 4 it. So he kept on asking everyone wat to do. A wise man asked him to take a train to new york without any book or anything to engage you. Book a compartment and dont even have pantry guy come in. Just be yourself till there. He agreed to it and tried it. Since he had nothing to do he could think about it peacefully and finally decided to join there on reaching New york.

One thing that i carried with me form it was – we mostly know the answers to the questions we have, just need to explore ourselves to understand it. To do so keep sometime just yourself.

Seems lot of gyaan already πŸ™‚

PS: IPL has hooked me to it totally just like millions of Indians … every evening is devoted to it these days !!

PS1: Have to be back in office frm mon. Had a 2 week off frm office first time …. and it felt gud πŸ˜€

PS2: Most of frens r out of city … feels bad to b alone 😦


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