Posted by: Myself | April 7, 2008

Wandering for Soul

Its been quite a long since i last blogged. Only reason for this innate inactivity can be procrastination and nothing else. And yeah for sometime it can be attributed to my ancient PC which it seems has lived a full cycle of life and is in want of  reincarnation. So saddened by its helplessness to serve me anymore i decided to upgrade myself and get something more mobile than a pc … so natural choice was a laptop – which i am working on now 😛

After getting a brand new DELL XPS feels lot better though it left a huge hole in my pocket but guess somethings r meant to be that way …. anyways am happy to own my first laptop and feels gud so far .. hopefully will remain so 🙂

Life in bangalore seems to b pretty much settled as of today, cant comment on wats in store for tomorrow. Initially cursing this city for all kind of traffic and high costs it seems this has absorbed me in it. Ppl call it a place of weather wine and  (beautiful) women. Cant agree on more apt desciption of this place. Certainly i m in love with the weather of this place atleast if nothing else. Though it has added some -ve adjective to it be it costs, traffic, kannada vs non kannada debates, airport reachability and so on but thats part of the package u get. You will find problems with each and every city, so dont see any point in cribbing about it. Oflate been goin around MG road a lot (infact its been a regular weekend affair for sometime now) not for drinks or some shopping but jst to have food out or have a ‘feel’ of the city :).

Though it is most jam prone zone of the city on weekends but somehow i fell in love with this place. Seriously its not about staring drunk females out there or any other similar activity but it seems to me like soul of this fast moving city.  The mirror of a large population of this city.

While i was in hyderabad always craved to go to hussain sagar even before eat street came up there. I never understood why i feel so much about that place which is lovers paradise and going there without a gf is not a very amusing idea acc to many. Still it was
romantic for me from the very first day i saw it while coming from Secbad rly stn. This was first thing i fell in love in hyd. In 4 years i stayed there i been arnd that place 100s of times still can feel it like a fresh coat of paint when am there. Now i understood i was drifted towards the soul of the city. Calmness as it represented.

I stayed in small town (my hometown barnala) for all my life before arriving hyd so never had this feel of living in a metro or large city where u need to go out and look out for the soul of it. Every street, corner, lane is familiar to me. It feels like being welcomed whenever i go home. No corner of that place is strange to me though i been away from it for such a long time and go there for less than a month in a year in total. I never felt any need to go anywhere looking for soul of it.
Its always like peace at heart …..

PS0: Despite this post Hyd is one of my all time fav places to go.
PS1: Its just random idea of mine … nothing to do with me going home this weekend.
PS2: Have finished few good books and saw many good movies … now feeling a strong urge to review them !
PS3: Office work is now piling up at a great speed. Seems honeymoon period with company was long over .. failed to recognize the change 😦
PS4: Feels bad to be out of touch of so many batchmates …. wassup guys ??
PS5: Next in line for books is Mother by Maxim Gorky … seems gud so far
PS6: Next post could be Indian Cities which will be powerhouse of development in next decade !



  1. tu aaj kal senti sa hota jaa raha hai!!
    aisa hi hota hai jab bache bade ho jaate hain…

  2. i am also from barnala. its interesting to find barnala people blogging. kudos!


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