Posted by: Myself | February 22, 2008

I for ….?

Nice mockery of current situation in industry by IBM. Well after seeing around for over 8 months the kind of work being done or being conceived in IT research field, i am sure no where else u ll find so much work done on paper (or should say in ppts and pdfs). Talk about anything from SOA, BPM or any emerging technology 100s of standards spash across the screen and yet no use of most of them ! (Atleast to me seems so …)

Everyone has an idea but not many r trying to incubate that idea into a practical thing that makes sense of any kind. All you can find is do this do that and u will have this all but where is the real thing ? Virtualization seem to be getting to the core of the industry and everyone around is talking in abstract terms ! nothing concrete at all.

Guess the ghost of virtual infrastructure is slowing captivating other sectors as well. Latest example can of reliance power where there is no plan to earn even a single money for next 7-8 years even in paper still whole nation gone bonkers to grab it. Those who dont know what even an IPO is were seen owners of demat accounts overnight and proudly boasting of being part of reliance !! Well the bubble burst quite too soon with prices tumbling way down due to any reason. On the other hand was REC(Rural Electrification corp. ) which have complete infrastructure in place to generate money and still no one is ready to put in money in that.  The reliance got so much response becoz of publicity and faith in reliance but still so much for just an idea ?? Pretty hard to understand for me …

Guess should get back to work and give another sellable idea … keep watching 😛



  1. I have an Idea…
    ooops .. i have a vodafone connection ..

    kher ki faraq penda hai 🙂 ..
    see the KEY here is ..

    “””Introduction of Iconoclasmic Innovative Ideas in Information & Technology which will Induce the Individual to Invest his Indemnity as OUR Income “””

    huff .. well that sure is lot of I(s) in a sentence

  2. Paggi tend to Billu( An idea ) = income for Microsoft and a puzzle for world

    My idea:
    keep the shit for sometime and when time is right, sell it as fertilizer

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