Posted by: Myself | January 11, 2008

The personality effect !

11th of Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct assumes special importance for infy each year as the quaterly results are declared on these days. Though it was like any other friday with people roaming all around in casuals but the presence of huge media contingent at the dawn draws everyone’s attention towards the event of the day !

Few mins back while walking towards my building a guy was walking opposite to me and seemed quite familiar … Just then it occured to me he is Udayan Mukherjee. Anchor of many daily and special shows on CNBC India and one of the most familiar faces of stock market analysis in india. While crossing him all of a sudden i uttered ‘Excuse me, you are Udayan , right ?’ And all he did was nodded, smiled and walked. I was like why did i just do that ?

I dont know if its just because i am curious by nature or some other reason but everytime i see a person who is a well known personality (or atleast someone who did something great acc to me) i tend to get influenced by him/her. I must have seen NRN in the campus dozens of time but everytime i see him passing i am struck like i have seen a ghost !! I know it may sound stupid and to admit it would be even more stupid but thats how its to me.

Remember sometime back at Delhi airport saw Mukesh Ambani and Parmeshwar Godrej walking for security check just like ordinary ppl, thanks to airport policies which deem such VVIPs ordinary :), and it was another ‘statued me’ moment for me. But after gaining my senses i realized they are just ordinary people but just with a great following still the effect on my mind ceases to fade for a long time !!

God knows how it would feel like working directly under someone like BillG or Steve Jobbs !!



  1. sorry you are running out of time .. billg retires this year ..

    and god, didnt knew u are stupified when u meet such gr8 (?) individuals πŸ™‚ ……

    Now i see why you had the dumbfonded ( my-mouth-is-wide-open) look whenever u attainted Ramus classs πŸ˜€

  2. I think we want to relate ourselves to popular people. I think we have inherent desire to get accepted or related with people around. This desire is more intense with people who are popular.

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