Posted by: Myself | July 20, 2007

Why Just Harry ?

While reading NY times edition i came across the story about review of HP latest book before its release. Millions were spent to ensure that the book is not leaked out before its release. The booking for yet to be released book is yet another indication of wat a huge hit it is already. JK Rowlings is already a much celebrated celebrity throughout the world having property even more than the Queen !!

I was wondering why harry potter is a huge success ? Both in terms of movie as well as the book.
I never read any of the potter books though i do read a lot of novels but couldnt find the reason to read harry potter.
The movies were gud according to my ratings … not most expected release of the year as quoted by a lot of people. There are many other literary masterpieces that are equally gud (if not better) but still are not celebrated as much as HP. Haven’t met many ppl who read Lord of the rings – the book. Though the book is much much better than the movies, which themselves occupy top position in most of the all time best seller movie ratings.

So all the attention that HP gained over the last decade left me thinking wats so spl abt this wizard boy that no other literary work could replicate or produced before its arrival.
Here is a question for all the HP fans to let me know about wats so spl abt it ?

PS: I have nothing against the movie or the book .. jst to knw wat i missed that so many enjoy so much 🙂



  1. Well, J.K. Rowling has such a great writing style that pulls you in and keeps you wanting more and more, now frankly some people have gotten alittle obsessed by HP. I enjoy the books, and the movies were pretty good, except the 5th, it was complete rubbish. I suggest you pick up the 1st book and read it. You will see just why so many people have become fascinated by the world of Harry Potter.

  2. unless you read the books, it is difficult to understand the fascination. it is the usual good-wins-over-evil story, but the way small incidents & things are used & explained makes it one of the most intricately plotted stories ever.
    I would strongly recommend reading all books 🙂

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