Posted by: Myself | July 4, 2007

Coming back …

Well its now really a loooong time since i last blogged here. Infact could have celebrated anniversary of non-blogging 😛 Hope such long breaks are not frequent now. Coming to life at job its been really kool so far. Was asked to first choose from a dozen odd groups working here and in the group the kind of work that i want to do .. i bet it cant get better 😀

Coming to life over past sometime i would say its been a bumpy ride with periods of extreme fun with frens in hyd along with some gloomy moments. I never knew i love IIIT & Hyd so much that i will feel like crying while goin out of OBH last time as IIITian. Never knew this place meant so much to me. Maybe becoz i got best frens here for a lifetime, maybe i was exposed to so much of creativity among the people around or maybe it was something in air that caught my senses ! I dont want to make it a senti post so wont elaborate on that …. rest u guys can add urself based on ur creativity 🙂

Over the past sometime the IIIT blogspace has changed beyond recognition. Lots of 1st n 2nd yr ppl blogging now but somehow the gurus of blogging like the ones in 2k1 and 2k2 batch have been absent. Seems ppl are infected with procrastination yet again 😉

Oh ya forgot the good part about my stay here so far … got my first salary last week and atleast till weekend felt like was on top of this world 😀 now it can be classified as feels good atleast to have some money of ur own and to spend it …. havent tried throwing it at parties .. so will let u know how it feels after the first one 😉

Will keep you guys updated now onwards about the latest from my side … so keep pouring in 🙂

PS: Saw couple of movies in 1 month … too bad !! It will seriously spoil my movie watching averages.

PS2: Read couple of novels too … think can write a review for them soon.

PS3: Ppl @ infy do all sort of BC just like the batch mailing lists infact on the infy scale .. and most of times its very interesting due to huge participation.

PS4: Is PS still in fashion or is it outdated ?


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