Posted by: Myself | June 9, 2006

Cynicism and Love

After seeing lots of people ranting against already known fee hike in our insti i decided to contribute my bit towards the issue. Dont know wht but i am getting into more and more stuff which deals which opposing things around me. Am i becoming cynic ? or I am trying to improve the system ? I dont know myself why i am doing it ? Maybe some selfish motive of mine is driving me for it … but one thing is true for sure that we are becoming more and more self centred day by day. No one spoke against reservations until we saw it as a death blow to the merit. Day after day when i attend the meets almost same set of people come and try to generate some enthu in others. Why do anyone has to tell people that this stuff will eat away whole nation ? Why cant we realize such a simple fact ourselves. We claim that people who are in power are not soing anything … but poke into yourself what are you doing ? Maybe i might be sounding too theoretical but this is bitter truth of our lives that we have become selfish or lazy to core of our hearts.

Moving away a little bit from serious stuff saw Notting hill once again today after a looong time. Saw it lots of time but somehow always missed the ending. Nce movie … one of my favourite romantic stuff. Guess Roberts never looked so pretty as she was in this movie. Sometimes it seems little unrealistic but the bits of humour packed in between the feelings keeps the movie rolling on a nice pace. Could never associate myself with a complicated thing like love in my life but always found it amazing. How God left us just one relation for us to make and so many feeling emerged out of it. The strength of this sweet human emotion lies in  the fact that more you believe in it more you get into it. But still in search of what it means to have true love. Always use to wonder how can true love for an American is different from an Indian or is it just the way of expressing it … Guess some experts are all set to explain it to me πŸ™‚



  1. hmmm no postscript??
    you are out of fashion for one thing.

    You cant improve the system unless you improve yourself. Because you (humans) ARE the system(or parts of system). Actually we are degenerated pieces of this system…

    Did you like movie for the reason that its a love story? If not then why this mess?
    And by the way is love all about Dood and Doll? weird !!! Is love of ‘LUV’ is only love? What abt friends, parents, children etc. etc. No place huh ?

  2. cynicism rox ..
    it gives u the luxury of ranting against things without doing anything ..

  3. @sukesh … u ll find some PS soon … dont worry … regd. system i agree but thr can b effort frm bits to make an impact over the bigger chunks to make them think over their roles.
    I liked it becoz its a gud movie …. and abt LUV i wud rather be in fashion by discussing the hot debatable issues πŸ˜› Others r too obvious … isnt it ??

    @cynic … i agree u  .. but b careful it can b injurious to health in some cases πŸ™‚

  4. >Sumeet Says:
    >June 17th, 2006 at 10:37 am
    >Put this thing in
    >u ll get the icon …
    what is that supposed to mean Sumeet ji ?

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