Posted by: Myself | June 4, 2006

The Golden wrapper

At age of 10 or i use to wonder what it takes for one to be a manager. The concept of being a manager was limited to sitting across a well decorated monitoring the people working under you either sitting in front of them or with help of flickering CCTVs showing blurred images, which I probably saw for first time in some grain grinding shop (popularly called aata chakki). The old man sitting/almost lying on a couch watching some hired labors working hard all day was probably the first manager that I saw in my life. Well moving ahead from childhood perceptions my ideas grew wider and came across people whom I will like to call as masters of management or management gurus. These are some of the guys who plan things or say orchestrate them in such a way that the desired results are achieved. So far came across many such instances where I have seen ‘the real managers’ doing some unbelievable jobs and succeeding in rising high in life. Today I would like to quote some superb management for a flop product to sell it like a hot cake. Nothing as of today can fit in better than latest rage in India – yeah I m talking about FANAA – the movie. Yash Raj films the banner known to over 1 billion population on this earth happens to be a revered production house of bollywood. Till today u can count a number of movies under this banner who did an astounding business. But probably for the first time they did something out of box. Imagine a movie having nothing in it in terms of story or drama and packed in a golden wrapper of controversies and hype being termed as a blockbuster of year. I am not saying that I m very good at judging movies or an expert in this field but after watching movies for over 20 years and excessively for past 3 years I can distinguish between a totally stupid movie and a grand one. Most of people whom I met gave remarks like it’s a k k kinda movie. I was suspicious after that but my stupid sense prevailed over me and got the tics for it few days back and it seemed like I have won some battle of panipat.. I am not going into details of movie and not gonna list out the negatives in entire 3 hour long torture but want to throw some light on other aspect of it. The way the production house marketed this movie and sold it at higher prices makes me think the importance of marketing today. You can simply make someone to buy a piece of s**t even you have skills to make a goggled person feel the glare of it. You don’t need to grow a tree with strong roots to make it worthy, just attach some lucrative fruits to it and project them to be tasting heavenly and your job is done. In each and every walk of life you will find people ready to dig your pocket out. Go to any store and you will be attracted towards to loosen out some weight you are carrying in your wallets. Brands are one of the wonderful way to market today. Make a brand and that brand can sell any damn thing in this world and people are happy to embrace it. Seems like people are so much trapped in this web of allurements that they are unable to distinguish between what they really need and what is being treated as need for them. Well seems like I am getting little too cynic about things going around me but feels like I am surrounded by some virtual world where I cant see beyond what I am being allowed to. (Maybe it’s like matrix somewhat but it happens to be so …. ) .

More on management fundas which I acquire later 🙂

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  1. If you can indent your post and structure it in paragraphs, I think that will make it much more readable.

    Btw wots PS

  2. @Rajat Thanx for that … will definitely do that now ownwards.
    U saw 5 PS in my post above ….. Post scripts 🙂

  3. Dood this implies :
    Why management is on hype!
    Why MBAs are getting tons of dollars!
    Why you want to do MBA!
    You will do the same thing after your MBA.

    This is called Selling Dreams and by the way people like it.

  4. Oh my bad. 🙂
    At 2 30 in night I couldnt decode it

  5. good work buddy!!i liked the way u descripbed managers from a small store to the corporate world and abt the management skills..yea its so true tht management has become the part of everyone’s life…its no more limited to only managers or just to sell products..even if we see it in our day to day life..we are trying to sell ourselves in one way or it a management for selling the products, promoting a movie, management of presenting our qualification in resumes to sell ourselves for job or the way we present ourselves in the world to impress others….

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