Posted by: Myself | May 31, 2006

Story of a great Nation – I

7th May, 2006 i knew this is some different day in my life as i was supposed to travel by Rajdhani Express the pride of Indian Railways for the first time in my life from Delhi to Hyderabad. At that time i wasn’t aware that this journey will lead me to some destination already planned by destiny without my knowledge. Things seemed perfectly normal for first few days just like i have thought them to be. Same set of people around and same old talks everything was amazingly normal. Suddenly the issue that has caught attention of country started brewing some kind of turmoil inside me. I started thinking about nation, future generation, progress and all such stuff. The idea of happiness grew beyond me. Never felt so strong urge to be part of a great pan national movement. As a result was exposed to ideas that had never occured to me. Met so many people from with different backgrounds some being amazingly active towards the national issues. Visited zillions of webpages all screaming with full throat towards the issue. Never before had seen nerdy, geeky people having such intense emotions. Saw normal individuals raising their meagre capacity to fight with the system to heights comparable to unscaled peaks. Whole world seemed in a amazingly supportive mode. As expected one factor led to another and saw me working towards a national cause for the first time in my life. Never had such peaceful nights after working hard for day and night for a cause which affects millions of my countrymen. The set of people with whom i worked appeared some demi Gods to me. The confidence in one can be so strong that whole system can be defied was something very unique for me atleast. Without any major support people coming out in open turning roads into battlefield was a rare scene in past. The tide of emotions took over the mental cowardice in most common educated youth and pushed them to the limits. Despite having so many positives the cause for which i decided to fight seems to be suppressed by some cunning people who happen to be elceted by very same set of people who are fighting. How can it happen that a handful of people deny millions of what they deserve ? How can few people who are elected to run this country can divide it for their own gains ? The Constitution – guiding light of the system – says nothing against anyone yet it has been time and again used as a shield to hide personal interests or rather say greed. The way in which rulers of the nation take advantage of this holy scripture is totally derogatory to the hard work of people who fought to make a great nation by driving away the outsiders frm this holy land. Having most educated people on the thrones of power and the best brains undergoing penance of hunger is the most shameful and unfortunate thing this country can ever witness. I dont know what will happen to this issue. Will justice be ever served or not but the way things are moving feels sorry for all the silent people of this great nation who seem to be inching towards perdition with each passing minute.


More on this in next post … for now Adios



  1. Fight in a way that your enemy is aslo proud of getting worthy opponent. Outcome doesnt matter what matters is that we fought and we fought it thoroughly.

  2. well… it has always taken someone to rise and show the path …. History says …
    I am sure the nation will rise and be united fr the cause … dnt worry u are nt alone …
    Thy shall realize and will step down … reservations is not an answer …

  3. yeah right, now just out of the blue you’ve become a neta of the people and fighting for a cause and all that stuff. Well, well done dude… but realistically speaking it doesn’t matter much. Good luck anyways.. and we’re with you πŸ˜‰

  4. @Shreayas and Chandan … I agree with u

    @Anurag – Had i any desire to be a neta i could have done so many other kind of things .. regd. fighting for a cause and other stuff which u said here is the reason i had to use perdition for a set of people .
    Thanx for support

  5. @ sumeet :

    U r possessed my man :O Is this gud ol’ sumeet ???

  6. @baba πŸ™‚ its not that bad .. is it ??

  7. It was a peaceful time. Then came a storm. This storm brought a sense of duty and responsibility to you. You saw your rights being buried in rifts. You wanted to conquer mountains but you found yourself in abyss. You tried to come out,
    BUT …

  8. heya .. how are you?? long time

    btw i tagged ya .. check out my blog — Tagged

    sorry but will read your post tomorrow.. ‘coz its 2:00 am already.. n i’m half asleep πŸ˜€

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