Posted by: Myself | May 13, 2006


After seeing the brutal charge on medicos from Mumbai i was shocked to see how helpless is the general public in India. Intelligent is curbed at each and every walk of life. To make it more effective i decided will lend my support whatever i can to stop this stupid policy of reservation. Goin in same direction someone suggested to create a googlebomb for Arjun Singh which seemed a good idea to me. So all you have to do is tag this link as traitor in your webpages and blogs. This will make Arjun Singh appear on the top if someone searches for traitor. I think it is the minimum that most of us can do very easily .. so what are you waiting for ?? Go ahead and tag that SOB as a traitor !



  1. arjun singh is a jackass

  2. Hey, you’re invited too. Please read my post from today. Don’t miss the comments. 🙂



  3. well … to see on the broader side Arjun Singh isnt a traitor…. its just the political pressure and game ….coz of wch of which he has become stubborn to the nation’s needs….
    Buddha sathiya gaya hai … par since SC is looking into the matter i think something good might come out ….

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