Posted by: Myself | April 13, 2006

After a pause …

So here i m after a rather long pause frm blog .. so many things happened over last few days. 3rd yr got over so i m now into final yr .. wow time really flies , bade farewell to our seniors (most of them left insti already) … Its really a mixed feeling to see this transition from a student to a degree holder left out in opento fight for own. Will be exposed to it b next year so will contain my emotions till then :). Btw forgot to mention that this time IIIT performed its best till date in CAT. Many got into hallowed portals of IIMs … salutes to all success stories. Well moving on to other things lifebeen pretty bitchy these days. Endless tension for end sems and now seeking some iternship which is biggest headache for the time.Hopefully it will be resolved in a day or two … as i really believe in miracles.

Well summers are approaching now so are the eagerly waited holidays and i am dying to go home for a while now !! Last night rain had its effect and mercury dipped a lot leaving a comfortzone arnd but had very bumpy ride last nite while coming back to hostel in heavy rains frm Jubliee hills … escaped a deadly crash once and drove more than 10kms with rain, pitch dark road with no street lights, hailstorm for sometime and without spectacles (Imagine a person who is using a -3 powered lens even while scribbling this driving in such conditions without it !! ). It was an adventure which u love after its over. Btw last nite i wrote the whole post abt it but my UPS betrayed me once again and lost it … and now in no mood to write it fully again. Guess thats enough for a while and once again adios to seniors … God bless ya guys !!



  1. And God bless you and your life. Enjoyed your post.

    Check out my site. Think you will like it and may want to blogroll me. 🙂


  2. I have a new Easter message you will like.

    A blessed Easter.


  3. as-94783-sa


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