Posted by: Myself | March 7, 2006

A Guy called Guru

Two days back self proclaimed hacking ‘Guru’ Ankit Fadia came down to IIIT once again after 4 years (as told by seniors) Never saw such a crowd at any talk which this 20 yr old ‘wizard’ attracted. More than 1/3rd of insti was thr to listen him. Even the room with video streaming was full to capacity. After attending his talk or better say campaign i was really impressed by him. Not for the hacking funda he knows but the marketing guru!! Really he acted so neatly that most of the people present there couldn’t even sense his intentions at all. He started by simply lashing windows, mobiles and each and everything for the obvious vulnerabilities in them and then very comfortably switched over to some of the stupid age old freeware available on net and projected them as something very devilish things which can wreck havoc anytime anywhere. Obviously most of the people were highly impressed suddenly feeling the joy of newly acquired knowledge. Before ending his so called talk he played his trump card … announced his newly launched course in tie up with Reliance web world and asked people to join it today itself to gain some ‘additional’ benefits apart for the usual benefits you will get out of it J. Really man never before saw such great abilities to turn minds in your favor. Even organizers were awestruck by this sudden turn of events and tried to evade the damage done by it. Guess they handled the situation pretty well. But the thing that keeps me bugging even now how can one be so sharp at business as well as so technically sound ? That day I could see another Bill Gates shaping up. Today I can say we are catching up the US of America very fast!!



  1. Hi buddy,
    I would like to contribute from my behalf. Can u give me u r contact details so that we can have a direct talk about this. Send u r details to my mail.
    Waiting for u r reply. Bye

  2. @ Joseph .. u r welcome man. Contact me at sumeet_g [AT]

  3. Hmm… .mind you… Gates is just ‘marketing skills’. Dare not add ‘technically sound’. Thats why Fadia cannot become Gates, lol.

  4. Dude… this ur original post….the contents similar to the email sent at students login…

  5. @IIITian .. do u think so ?? Maybe someone else has views similar to me .. btw i dont knw abt what email u r talking abt so cant say anything over here !!

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