Posted by: Myself | March 3, 2006

A Day recollected

Yeah this day needs a special mention, two major events happened today.

R&D showcase at IIIT : The grand annual event kickstarted today but sans pomp and show with which it was associated with in past. The distiguished lecture by Ramdorai (TCS) was scrapped thanks to US prez visit to Hyd. The crowd was thin, enthu among students missing and nothing at all to boast about. First years were asked to be there by making attendence mandatory for them. Most of the projects displayed this time were shown last year as well. I agree that most of the projects need to be worked upon for a time mostly longer than a single year but the person coming down to you just to see what all new is going on over here cant be satisfied by simple answer that we are working on same thing u saw last year. You need to have innovation to be served in front of people coming from far flung areas. Number of new projects which werent showcased earlier was alarmingly low. The way publicity of the event was handled was also astonishing. There was no input from faculty to make it grand. even the basic thing like links to the showcase page on iiit site appered very recently. This can either due to overconfidence they have in the kind of research going on here or the insect of deglamourising things have bit badly the director 🙂 , even IIITians werent aware of much of the things goin on till  D Day. I fear that if things keep on moving at this pace the ‘dream figure’ of having 100 Phds in a year from IIIT wont even touch a double digit figure.

BUSH in Hyd : Today after going through whole of Times of India and Economic Times realised the importance associated wih this high profile visit. Earlier i used to think in a way that why are we stooping so low just to adjust a single person. The CM of state wasnt considered fit to be present at ISB meet (acc. to TOI). The US security agencies brushed away indian arrangements as they were not trusted by them. Sanity of Rajghat was spoled by taking sniffers dogs there. Despite of all such lows there were many things that came up with this visit. The N deal inked yest was highlight of the day and mostly people are optimistic about it. I guess most of you would have read and heard a lot abt it so wont elaborate it anymore here. But felt it to be important to mention about his visit to Hyd as i was in a range where i could have hit him (evident from the fact we were asked to close our hostel doors and windows today :)). Saw today Marine1 (prez official chopper) flying over our hostel. Man it was really awesome. Saw many choppers earlier but this one was magnificent. Dont know much about his agenda at agri uni here but the fact that Hyd was chosen as a city to be visited by him despite of such a vigrous opposition from a large section of population here holds special attention and testifies that Hyd is fast emerging hotspot for future by worl leaders. The list of entrepreneurs who met him at ISB was also impressive. Never knew so many success stories of entrepreneurship in Hyderabad itself. By looking at the positives of BUSH visit i wasnt too furious about the stupis security arrangements that were in place for him. Hopefully someday India’s PM will be given same importance in DC as he was given here …    



  1. Hmm… what do you want me to be harsh about? This is as if you’ve written obviously facts. Something like me saying, ‘Today is wednesday’

  2. @Anurag … sorry dude harsh thing wasnt for u 😛 …. it was for someone else abt some other blog !! Message mismatch 🙂

  3. dude .. honestly the amrine 1 sight was AWEsome man …. :O

  4. corection : marine 🙂

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