Posted by: Myself | February 23, 2006

It happens to be so …

Well its been long time since i wrote my last post so here comes the overdue post !!

Had a gr8 time working for felicity though its another thing that post fest work is getting too hectic sometimes but its ok … I guess many ppl have written a lot abt it till now so no point in discussing it further. Saw some awesome movies recently, more abt thm in movies section very soon.

The thing i wanted to discuss here is something very oftenly discussed in IIIT – lack of activity !!

I can remember vry well the foundation day when we were in 1st yr and karthik made a remark abt the campus being ‘gloomy’ and the sharp reaction frm seniors (I can remember Sachin Rawat ) stating that u ppl urself dont want to have ‘interaction’ with ur seniors and then comment campus to be gloomy !! things changed but the scenerio is more or less same … its still searching for its soul. We maybe beating IITs in technology and other ‘important’ aspects but i seriously doubt our abilities in extra curicular things. Today i was part of FSIS (2nd session that i attended in arnd 3 years) which went on for 3 long hrs trying to figure out ways to  increase the cultural activities in campus and it started with someone asking for dedicated faculty working towards it similar to the things going on in sports but it ended with full blame on current cultural council and decided to have a new structure of parliament !!

Why cant the faculty realize a simple fact that having such a tight schedule of academics you cant expect people to come out and perform …. cultural activity is not some children game like hide and seek which comes naturally, u have to practise a lot even if u performing in front of 10 people. Every cultural event that takes place here is surrounded by pack of assignments and exams. But all they think is culturally we can be sound if we select some students (or better say identify some bakras) on the basis of batches and houses and ask them to make sure that people do participate !! How the hell it will improve the situation ?? Instead of blaming 3 people we will have a pack of people to be blamed for it.

Someone raised very valid point that why should one try performing ?? They try to give all sort of BS n lame reasons that it will add to ur house points and all but dude jst wake up !!! These are all empty bullets, they are not gonna have any effect even if they are triggered with full force. Jst have guts to live in reality for sometime then see how things move on !! I dont know how and why profs suddenly start living in theoretical life when they themselves must be students at some part of their lives. They screwed up full felicity plan this year and things got delayed which almost derailed the whole thing and now once again instead of having some strong base they want to construct a building on the basis of some theoratical approximations !! Relax students for a lil amount of time .. encourage them to try out something different and see the result. If whole institute can be halted for something trivial like excitement of research why not some time for cultural event ?? What difference will it make if they cut one week from summer vacations and add 7 days to rest of year for such things ?

I may be sounding a bit pessimistic in this post but i really want some things to change here … and contrary to popular belief that nothing can change here, it will go on like that only … I have a feeling that things will change some day but never know when !! But it happens to be a alarming situation so cant help worrying abt it    

 PS: Initially thot of having it in IIIT buzz blog but one it seem to be addicted to write about good things abt IIIT only, jst the feel good factors so it happens to be here only



  1. Hmm.. I agree with you. And please, why you after ExOR, its not trivial. Though cultural events are equally important, ExOR is a preparation for R&D, just like Amalgam is to Felicity.

  2. @Anurag U see here the difference … u have full day off for ExOR but amalgam is scheduled in the evening of day full with classes !! See the step motherly behaviour ….

  3. Wow, I search for my name on your blog and this is what I find. What a disappointment! 😐

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