Posted by: Myself | February 23, 2006

15 Park Avenue


Last week saw this awesome movie. Great acting by all Shabana Azmi and Konkona Sen. Story of a schizophrenic gal. Saw this type of concept in many hollywood movies but seeing it in Bollywood was really a good feeling. A girl who thinks she is maried and have 5 children, who thinks his husband works with saddam, who was once perfectly normal but suddenly behaving abnormally after she was raped but it didnt trigger this situation …. this developed over the time. Se keeps on looking for her home where her children and his husband is waiting for her, she can hear their voices in night calling her. She cant recognise the person whom she loved the most at some point of time in her past and who stepped back when he gets to know that she is raped and her condition as a schizophrenic is detreoiting. Konkona did full justice to her role of a mentally challanged gal. Shabana as a prof was really impressive. the way she radiated the energy was witness of her vast acting experience. The scene when the mother of girl is trying to treat her girl by beating the evil out of her by getting her beaten by a ‘baba’ and showing her sis teaching college students quantum physics was very well portrayed. Towards the second half of the movie when Rahul Bose as her boyfriend of past is introduced movie takes another turn as he is married to some other gal and now wants to help the girl in finding her home 15 Park Avenue, which doesnt exist at all !! The way director materialized the character of gal who doesnt know what she is trying to find is simply awesome. Hats off to her. Really a nice movie if u are in mood to see some gud acting on screen.




  1. True man awesome stuff from Konkana Sen and Aparna Sen…
    Thought you would be interested in tihs followup post “”

  2. hi……..
    the movie was realy nice and i like that movie……..
    but still have one question at last konken sharma found his home or not
    and what the moral of rahul bose who come and helped her when she does not any one …..when she need help then no one help her except her sister shabana aazmi.

    any way nice story….
    perfect acting……
    ans a very very nice blog……..

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