Posted by: Myself | January 28, 2006

Status Check !

Well couldn’t think of something specific abt this post but was feeling a strong urge to write something so here is something thats going around me these days.

Felicity : Its in the air …

With less than a week to go for the grand event of the college all activities are in full swing and things seem to be going on a better track contrary to our earlier expections. Myself got sponsorships for the fest from few unexpected avenues … so ppl r kinda more excited than before πŸ™‚ . Pushed myself to extremes to rope in as many newspaper ppl as possible and guess succeded at the end to a certain limit. The event i am organising is growing with each passing day withΒ  CEO of Pramati in the panel and a seminar on entrepreneurship attached to it. Hopefully this will be one of the attraction for coming felicity. If u still unaware of felicity do visit

Party time :

January was suppose to be party time for our BC group (more than 10 ppl as its members) but due to events like ACCV then exams and now felicity all parties were delayed so end result we could have only 1 party in 28 days !! But doesnt matter now we will have lots of them after felicity. Maybe we will be going tomorrow for Rang de Basanti at prasadz along with a nice dinner as a party from amit which is already overdue for past many months :). So think that will be a nice bday for me having a treat from someone else on you b’day πŸ˜€ seems nice already …

Next status check :

Maybe after felicity πŸ™‚



  1. no update?
    wassup with ya???

  2. all the best for ur exams!

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