Posted by: Myself | January 23, 2006

Oldboy vs Zinda

Oldboy ****

Zinda *** 

Saw both of them in a span of 2 days. Those who dont know about these movies lemme tell them Zinda (relaesed few days back) is an exact  replica of 2003 released Korean movie Oldboy. Revenge to extreme limits is portrayed to a very successful level. A man is put in some closed room for 15 years without telling any reason to him and he needs to find out the reason in 5 days. Oldboy definitely scores much more than Zinda being original concept and the maturity level of portraying different kind of emotions. Though indians viewers might find it a little unacceptable at some levels due to more open stance of Koreans towards sex but in all its altogether different experience. Lead actor(Dunno his name 😦 ) deserves an applause for filling so much life in the character. The way he portrayed the emotions of revenge, pain, anguish, fear clearly state his class. The way he express his helplessness in the ending sequence was something one will find rarely on screen. The word is just awesome to describe it. Unmatched it was in all respect. Though the accent of korean seems funny sometimes still emotions know no language. Its above all such mortal boundaries.  


Zinda being an exact replica of the previous movie (obviously except the sex scenes ;)) deserves an applause as well. Sanjay Gupta succeded in maintaining atleast some level set by oldboy. Acting was one of the best till date both by Sanjay dutt and John Abraham. Though the movie failed at some levels to maintain its pace and seems like moving offtrack but its not too much.  Treatment given to the movie and the Indian moulding made it worth watching by any Indian so no harm in trying it even with your family or gf (if u r lucky enuff to have one :)). Music is one of the best features of movie. A section of people mght reject the dark background but it was basic need of the storyline.  




  1. whoa! i didn’t know this.
    I haven’t seen both the movies.

    oh btw where do ya want the Cbox to put.. in a different page or in the sidebar?

  2. if you want to put it in the sidebar.. you know tiz easy..just signup at and copy the javascript code onto your sidebar.php !

    Otherwise, you may create a new page (manage->pages->new page) and paste the cbox script there! Once the page works, link it on your homepage.

    Let me know if that helped..or if you have more questions..

  3. lol you should heard indian accent..its funnier

    BTW, koreans are not so open about sex either..
    its quite recent they introduced these western themed plots into their cinema
    if you watch old korean movies, there are NOT EVEN A KISS SCENE in entire movie (i mean french kiss..not just mouth to mouth)
    Korean society is more repressed about sex compared to indian…have you seen old hindi movie bandit queen? its about an indian woman who gets raped since she was 5 YO…by some old villager and she gets raped constantly
    btw, indians marry their cousins…in korean its forbidden to even marry someone with same surname as yours

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