Posted by: Myself | January 22, 2006

All India Congress CRASS

This post was supposed to be related to the ACCV banquet but the circumstances made me change my mind and write atleast few lines about the biggest circus of the country going here. Congress plenary meeting being organised in Gachibowli stadium (renamed Rajeev Nagar for sometime ). All roads leading to venue have been sealed and no buses are plying on the route. Roads are like the ones you can see in movies shot at foreign locations. All sort of foolproof security arrangements were made to make the leaders feel comfortable and order to make things better our insti has to be part of the arrangements in a grand way. Actually my insti is right next to stadium so it got this rare opportunity to serve the so called servants of people. So by now you must be thinking they might have used it for some parking or something like that but sorry dude ur guess is totally wrong. They put this for better usage than that …. for peeing !! Yeah u got it right. Today full day you could have easily seen all nation builders and responsible people of society openly flaunting themselves (in some cases u can take it literally). Some of the (brave) people from final year tried to stop them by carrying cams and shouting at them but who cares !! We are the rule here.

You just walk down the road and find all sort of big words put in bold.

Rajeev hum banayenge tumhare sapnon ka Bharat(Rajeev we will build your dream India )

I m pretty sure that even in his worst nightmare he wouldnt have dreamt of such things. For God sake all such great leaders please have some sense dont ruin the image openly already there are many channels to kick your a**.

Btw arun , agrawal , bhushi n me were talking about some this thing and how leaders were slapping the dignity of the high powers they have we were diverted to Gandhi nehru family and the sorry state of affairs prevailing in the country rite from the independence. During school times i never liked history but somehow now i feel that there is something in it that drives me towards it. After having discussions on all sort of Indian politics right from Gandhi to prime ministership of Deve Gowda and this present state of puppet prime ministers all i could conclude was that unless all Indians have some kind of Pan-India moment to save we cant expect the things to move they are suppose to be.

Hopefully will be having some more interesting stuff to write abt this power show in coming days.



  1. Good one. My post on this coming too. They seem to have spent around 30 crores for the shit.

  2. u know something
    we actually took up this issue to BLN and showed him some policeman peeing on kamal’s compound wall :D.
    BLN said i am helpless they have taken total control over the campus for three days !!!

  3. @halley … u shud have told this to kamal . I cant even imagine what would he would have said 🙂

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