Posted by: Myself | January 21, 2006

ACCV – A report

Date : 13th Jan 2006

Time : Sometime arnd 7 pm

Mood : Excited

Yeah ! Finally the day arrived … mighty ACCV (Asian Conf. on Comp Vision) landed into hallowed portals of IIIT. To make things more clear i was part of it becoz for past 1 yr i with my fren was developing the portals for this conference so got a great chance to be witness to this great event infact greatest till date for me. I never expected it will turn out to be such a gala event. Loads n loads of greatest minds from all corners of the world. Delegates from 2 countries were part of it. After having a great dinner at IIIT i was sent to Taj Krishna, the venue to make arrangements and returned back at 3 am fully tired and was supposed to go next day again at 6 am !!!!! Had it been something else i would never even thought of thinking abt waking up in 3 hrs but this was something different. So i was all set 🙂 . Main conference went on almost fine except for some technical probs which were solved by genius IIITians handling the arrangments 😀 . best thing that hgappened to me was that the portal was praised by a bunch of IIT profs that was moment of glory to me !! Never expected will be praised in such great terms. Now they want us to make it fit their needs for forthcoming conf. but dunno will be doing it or not. Lets not worry abt it rite now.But the main event of the 3 day conference for most of us was the banquet at Rock Heights. It simply rocked … perfect setting … every thing was amazing right from the food ambience weather. Really liked the open air venue and the way simple things like rocks were made to look amazing. It was open inviatation for all to drink till you drop. Imagine you are getting opportunity to drink the best wine that too by your own faculty :O !!! what the hell is wrong with this world … I was once again attracted to this great thing but somehow managed myself and avoided it. Most of my frens had a great time drinking and we non drinkers enjoyed their weired activities and dialoques that came out of sub councious minds :). Well there can be full fledged  post abt the events post  banquet so better wait for that one . Dont worry next post wont take much time now !!



  1. Hey, rite a post on the wierd activities u njoied…I really want to know wat all things went one behind the scenes…oops behind the wines..

  2. Yeah man that one is due !! Will be putting up soon. Dont worry 🙂

  3. Hehe.. behind the scenes huh!! … lemme pour in some detail. hehe

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