Posted by: Myself | December 12, 2005

Standing on crossroads

Yesterday had a great party by sid. Occasion was multifold .. his bday party was due, got job and his sis is getting married … so we were planning a gala event but as he is leaving today for home so we cut the party in 2 had first part yest and will have another next month 🙂 . Coming to parties i m happiest soul on this earth when there is one. But yesterday it was something different . Went to Bombay Blues to try out something different (kuch ‘hatke’ 🙂 ) Well few of us wanted to have drinks but me acting as a gud guy thought i wont have it (though i was in full mood to drink before going there) . Had great time with sizzlers (my 1st experience with them as well !) . Then ordered some stupid mexican dish burrito .. it was total crap. But dont know how suddenly liquor out there (vodka based cocktail)  caught my attention and was so much attracted to it that i gave it a try (though not in large quantity) . I liked it 😮 . My first experience with such high stuff was about a year back when i consumed a couple of sips of bear. Never liked it much . Many of my freinds do smoke and drink but was never attracted to it. Infact never even thought of trying even single puff of smoke. Even during blore trip when all others were drinking on regular basis i totally avoided it. I have always been taught by one and all that this is worst thing that you can ever have. I always hated it partly because i have seen the effect it had on my two maternal uncles. It simply ruined lives of both of them. After coming from party i was standing on crossroads thinking is it my start too ?? am i also falling in the trap of this so called heavenly fluid ? I was in utter confusion whether i should try to kill this desire or not ? I was feeling sense of anguish and excitement at the same time . I dont know which way should i follow ? If i drink it again will it mean that i will become a regular or is it just the first drink, sort of new feeling which will diminish soon . But dont know why despite of liking it a lot in the small corner of my heart i have got feeling which is driving me away from it. I dont know what will be the outcome of it but this is the greatest dilemma in my life till now !

PS: All these are after thoughts of party .. never worried about it during the course which made it best party we had this year.  




  1. You landed on the other side of the crossroad and me on the other. I bet you’d get regular.

  2. well initially you feel like havin it.. but that’s when you gotta control ya self! You are a wise guy.. u noe what to do.. dont ya? 😉

  3. are you from orkut by nE chance???

    n yea no new posts?

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