Posted by: Myself | December 7, 2005

Blogging …

These days i am blogging a lot !! Yeah i am not writing blogs but reading a hell lot of them . Whole IIIT blogroll is scanned by me atleast twice a day . Thanx SMR for providing such an easy option to pursue my fav. activity these days. I guess blog readers are equally important as the bloggers becoz if there r no readers there is no inspiration (in most of cases) to write for. But sadly i dont think there is much recognition being given to blog readers. Will think something to improve the scenerio 🙂

Nowadays whole campus is under the grip of placements . Everytime when a recruiter comes each and every mortal belonging to IIIT is curious to know whats going on !! Who was selected and who failed . Will write more about it later becoz rite now i should complete my DWDM proj due tommorow !



  1. How about modifying the blogroll, giving an option to sort based on rating or something? I guess that ways bloggers will get some sort of recognition, and we’ll also get some competetion to prove our metal.

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