Posted by: Myself | December 2, 2005

Khud hi ko kar buland itna …

Before saying anything i would like to dedicate this post to my frind Anurag . The reason behind this you will find in the post below.

There was an internship offer from M$ (dream company for 99% junta !!) and two well deserving people from our batch were selected for it this guy even though fully fit for it refused for interview just becoz he got liking for open source … My first reaction on hearing this was …

After death of 1000s of A**h**** someone like you take birth … What in the name of God made you reject such a great opportunity ?? Its ok to love certain things like linux and all but dood its matter of your life … how can you play with it ??

But after sometime when i again tried to analyze him, it occured to me after he called me to do some favor to a third person ,  his action seems totally justified to me . why should he go after something which he doesnt fancy to be like. Just because someone is capable of adding a heavyweight to your resume and make you richer by some meagre amount (ok this can be classified as a lots ) doesnt mean you should follow him blindly . But sadly most of us try to do that only (us sadly includes myself aswell 😦 ) . The reason i could find behind it was we try to follow shorcuts . No one wants to pay the price of anything prized even if its in the form simple hard work which almost all are able to put in . Dont know why people do such things .. leave others i dont know why i do such actions ?? Why cant i make myself so strong that even the strongest bow in front of me ?? Why everytime i have to compete the comepititon instead of becoming myself a competition ?

Each one of us read success stories of great people and always just see hard work playing major roles in shaping up their lives .. and just forget it all . Well this is not the first time such thoughts came to my unstable mind …. but as i always pray this might be the last one of such “mind storming” session of mine and i also might try to take the right steps. 



  1. Ek to in the first place, I didn’t even know that it was for an internship. Also, they required expertise in Windows platform, which I haven’t worked much on. If I really had the knowledge to work on Windows, VB6, Visual Studio, etc. I would have happily gone with the interviews etc.

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