Posted by: Myself | November 29, 2005

Analyzing Life

These days life is going through a period which i call as “fortunately dull”, with no urgent work to be taken care of most of the times all i do is stuff described as “time killing” by sensible mortals . Infact when i look at my life in past it seems like there is huge void especially for last 2 and half years. Nothing very great that i can boast about. But its kinda ok for me, such things bother me for sometime then i kind off put them into coldbag . I like living a life with no worries induced in it. No hurries – No worries. Thats what i always try to have. Anyways yesterday while coming from dinner at pizza hut we were discussing life of one of our friend infact he was trying to explain us his relation with his so called  “friend” (who happen to be a girl :)). At every moment he seemed like trying to figure out the exact nature of his ‘friendship’ with her but sadly failed miserably .. dunno why people make such things so complicated. But it was more of a movie story for rest of us rather than someone’s problem which he trying to solve at the cost of his life. So there were lots of comments and jokes during his narration of his past few days with her. It was total fun especially after having petful of pizzas 🙂 . Nothing is more satisfying than having such a nice time. But few days back i was described as a careless guy who is not bothering about his responsibilities by another friend of mine 😦 . Thought about it for many hours and in the end promised myself to be more consistent and try to make more realistic targets .. Thanx buddy for making a wake up call to me. Hope i ll live up to your expectations :).

Read this line from a blog and really liked it (also fits for me as well :))

Hazaron Khwaishaiyen aisi ……… Ki har khwaish pe dum nikle




  1. hmm.. pizza hut was really fun.. 🙂

    meri blog padhne ki bhee rakhee hai x-(

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