Posted by: Myself | November 26, 2005

Hello world!

After trying at so many places for a page with just my name in first place finally succeded at wordpress, so here i am in front of you.

Coming to my life these days a lots happening. After tense end sem session home was the best place on earth i cud choose to be at and never liked being at home so much before though it was just for few days but it seemed like “Those were the best days of my life !! :)” . Apart from being at home it was time to attend my cousin’s marriage. It was my first encounter to attending someones marriage whom you consider about your age since childhood (He is 4 yrs elder to me). It total fun especially for me as he is my best buddy among all relatives. Seeing him in wedding robes was like something i never felt like before.

After short stint at home it was time to return and was time for my first flying experience. Yes i travelled by air for the first time. It was not as eventful as i anticipated. Maybe due to my over expectations from air travel. Well sitting at window seat and looking down felt like seeing some view of google earth ! Everything so small yet so clear and so lively . It was a treat to eyes . Landing in Hyd and coming back to hostel was all uneventful .

I guess thats enuff for first post . Hopefully will keep my blog updated 🙂



  1. hey dats was nice!!!

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